Desalination of Oil Field Brine

  • SPE 95647 Modeling and Operation of Oil Removal and Desalting Oilfield Brines with Modular Units
  • SPE 86526 Decision and Risk Analysis Study of the Injection of Desalination Byproducts Into Oil and Gas Producing Zones(2MB pdf file)

Cavity Like Completions

  • SPE 84499 Predicting and Managing Sand Production: A New Strategy (665KB pdf file)
  • SPE 78236 Prediction and Evaluation of Sanding and Casing Deformation in a GOM Shelf Well(534KB pdf file)
  • SPE 63235 How Can Sand Production Yield a Several-Fold Increase in Productivity: Experimental and Field Data(631KB pdf file)
  • SPE 58719 Cavity-Like Completions in Weak Sands(305KB pdf file)
  • SPE 52607 How Permeability Depends on Stress and Pore Pressure in Coalbeds: A New Model(111KB pdf file)

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