Environmental Drilling Project

The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), Texas A&M University, and companies from the O&G industry formed a new research program. Its goal was to identify and develop Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems (EFD) incorporating current and new drilling sensitive or off-limits areas including federal lands in the Western U.S. and the wetlands and marshes of the Gulf Coast. Its goal is to incorporate current and emerging technologies into a clean drilling system with no or very limited environmental impact.

A&M EFD TIP Program 2013
The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Technology Integration Program (TIP) is a measured approach for applying new technologies in the production of unconventional natural gas. The intent of the Technology Integration Program is to provide a "proving ground" in an actual gas shale development area (the Eagle Ford Shale) for the latest generation drilling rigs, advanced water management, low surface footprint operations, and reduced air emissions from well sites.

The TIP represents a coordinated program for technology development as opposed to individual projects such that the whole has much greater value than the sum of the parts. These individual projects include current projects funded by RPSEA and other funding organizations, other projects that are being proposed, as well as specific project tasks included in this proposal. Further information on the program can be found here.

The Industry Sponsored Programs (GPRI Projects)
Sponsors of the EFD program provide financial and engineering support to the HARC /A&M EFD research program. Industry sponsors help to guide the research projects and advise the EFD program managers on the development of the new technologies to incorporate into the field EFD drilling system. Sponsors also participate in and benefit from on-going GPRI research programs as part of the 2006 2008 A&M/HARC program funded by DOE and GPRI members and adjunct members. GPRI research programs have been created in five areas:

  1. Modular Platform-Rig Design Compatibility Studies for Well Sites
  2. Low Impact Access to Well Sites
  3. Rig Site Waste Management: Reserve Pit/Mud Pit Cleanup
  4. Rig Power Efficiency Studies
  5. Environmental Issues and Public Acceptance Project

For Further Information, contact:

Mr. Tom Williams - (281) 276-6713
Mr. David Burnett - (979) 845-2274