What is GPRI and how do I join?

The Global Petroleum Research Institute serves as the managing partner for collaborative research among 12 major, international oil producing companies. Governed by the Petroleum E&P Research Cooperative Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the COOPERATIVE, membership is open to any qualifying entity, with significant revenues from petroleum exploration and production activities, that elects to join in any research project. Projects are funded jointly, requiring participation of at least four Members of the Executive Committee to authorize the initiation of research. There are no annual fees or Membership fees assessed. Cost is determined solely by the percentage of the total of any project(s) in which a Member chooses to participate. New members must agree to be bound by the terms and provisions of the COOPERATIVE. Service companies are not eligible for membership.

Cited by our Membership as "the new face of collaboration," GPRI conducts work addressing needs of the industry in a broad spectrum of areas. Since its first year of operation, GPRI has managed over $4M in research ranging from such immediate, critical issues as deepwater, multilateral technologies and completion technologies to longer-term interests in "next generation" answers to separation facilities, downhole logging tools and advanced completions technologies. An overhead charge, set annually by the Management Committee funds GPRI for the administration of the projects. For the 2000 Fiscal Year, the overhead rate is 10%.

The COOPERATIVE: Membership and Management. The bylaws for operation of the COOPERATIVE were reviewed and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division. GPRI is one of only two known models for collaboration to receive positive review by the DoJ.

Two primary committees provide direction and operational oversight to the research plan: (1) the Management Committee (MC) consists of the President/Vice President of the technology branch of each Member company, reviews all policy matters and approves the annual research plan; and, (2) the Executive Committee (EC) which is comprised of representatives from each Member company who serve as direct-reports to the MC in their respective organizations, and are charged with the implementation of the adopted research goals. Member companies from the ten largest contributors, i.e. participants in research projects, are appointed to the governing committees on an annual basis. Members elect to participate in research on a project-by-project basis; no two projects necessarily involve the same combination of Participating Members.